Important field of research: Religion in migration. Other fields: ethnicity; migration and integration policies; human trafficking and migrant smuggling; Sicily.

PhD in social and cultural anthropology, MA in philosophy, MA in eastern philology and history, K.U. Leuven (Catholic University of Leuven) (Belgium). MA in theology (exegesis Old Testament).

Emeritus Professor in social and cultural anthropology at the Faculty of Social Sciences at K.U. Leuven. He taught ‘migration and minority policies and its anthropological implications’, ‘ethnicity and its application at Mediterranean cultures’, ‘interethnic majority-minority relations in Europe’, 'introduction in social and cultural anthropology, and criminological issues' and 'anthropology of religion'.

He guided PhD research multiculturalism, interethnic relations, border and boundary crossing (conversion studies), Mediterranean cultures. See IMMRC.

Former chief of cabinet of the Royal Commissioner for Migrant Policy in Belgium.
Former Director of the federal Centre for equal opportunities and opposition against racism.
President of Foyer, regional minority centre in Brussels.

Former and first chairholder of KU Leuven GCIS: Gülen chair for intercultural studies.